Interview Questions in core Java

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1) Q: What is the purpose of the toolkit in the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)? How does AWT
work ?
A: The AWT toolkit is an interface between the abstract window layer and a specific windowing

2) Q: What is layout manager ? How does it work ?
A: A layout manager is an object that positions and resizes the components in a Container according to
some algorithm; for example, the FlowLayout layout manager lays out components from left to right until itruns out of room and then continues laying out components below that row.

3) Q: Advantages and disadvantages of layout manager ?
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Interview Questions in Core Java

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101. What is the purpose of the System class?
The purpose of the System class is to provide access to system resources.

102. Which TextComponent method is used to set a TextComponent to the read-only state?

103. How are the elements of a CardLayout organized?
The elements of a CardLayout are stacked, one on top of the other, like a deck of cards.

104. Is &&= a valid Java operator?
No, it is not.

105. Name the eight primitive Java types.
The eight primitive types are byte, char, short, int, long, float, double, and boolean.

106. Which class should you use to obtain design information about an object?
The Class class is used to obtain information about an object's design.
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