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Here are the important Latest – New – Recent Reasoning, aptitude questions and C / C++ language programs (to find errors / output) for TCS Placement Paper:
TCS Placement Test Paper Questions:
1. fn(int n,int p,int r)
static int a=p;
case4: a+ = a*r;
case3: a+ = a*r;
case2: a+ = a*r;
case1: a+ = a*r;
The aboue programme calculates
a.Compound interest for 1 to 4 years
b.Amount of Compound interest for 4 years
c.Simple interest for 1 year
d.Simple interest for 4 year

2. int a[50], *pa;
pa = &a[0];
In order to access 5th element, find the incorrect one[5]
c. *(*(pa+5))

3. Regarding the variables select incorrect one
Ans. Auto variables select incorrect one

4. Write onest equivalent to the following two
x + sqrt(a);
Choose one of the alternatives

5. Which of the following is not an infinite loop
a.while(i){….}{……} while(i);
d.#define TRUE 0

6. What does the following function print ?
func(int i)
{ if (i%2)
return 0;
return 1;
int i=3;
a.2 b.3 c.1 d.0 bit: Choose one of the alternatives for the following
a.float c.char d.string

11. Consider the following structure
struc num_name{int no;
char name[25];}
struc num_name n1[]={{12,”find”},{15,”matrix”},{8,”pick”}};
What does the above st. do ?
a. 8,9 b. 8,8 c. 9,9 d. 8,unpredictable value

12. for(i=0; i!=10; i+=2)
How many time will it execute ?
a.10 b.0 c.5 d.not even once
13. 20 bytes are allocated to a string s
l = strlen(s);
then i = ?
a.20 b.22 c.21 d.8
14. y=5;
if ( x == 10)
else if ( x == 9)
else y=3;
then y = ?
a.8 b.7 c.5 d.0

15. Which is incorrect ?

16. operator for
a. not available b. ** c. ^ d. %
17. cond1? cond2 ? cond3 ? : exp2 : exp2 : exp3 :exp4
the equvalent set of statements to the above is
a. b. c. d.

18. valuue stored in a variable of type double is
a. can be less athan int or float or long
b. always > int
c. always < long
d. always > float

19. Thetre are 100 functions and first 50 are in file 1.c and rest
in file 2.c then they must be declared in file 1.c as
a. auto
b. global
c. static
d. external

20. struct out {
struct in{ char c;int d;}s1,*p1;
}a1, *pa1;
pa1 = &a1;
a1.p1 = &s1;
Which is incorrect?
a. a1.p1->c
b. pa1->p1->c
c. a1->p1
d. a1.s1.c

21. if a=z then value a <<1 is ?
a. 3 b.4 c.2 d.1
22. #define prod(a,b) a*b
x = 2; y = 2;
prod(x+2,y+1) = ?
a. 6 b.12 c. 7 d.16

23. int sum = 1;
switch (2)
case 2: sum sum+2;
case 3: sum*=2; break;
defdault: sum = 0;
which is the value of sum ?
a. 2 b. 6 c. 1 d. 0

24. Which one of the following is invalid?
a.if(a==1) b. if(a != 3)
c. if(a<b) then d. if(a<0)

25. int x = 5, *p;
p = &x;
printf(“%d”,++ *p); what is the output?
a. 2 b. 6 c.1 d. 0

26. unsigned int i = 10;
while (i>=0) {———; i–}
How many times the loop is executed?
a.10 b.9 c. infinite d.11

27. pick the odd man out
a. malloc
b. calloc
c. realloc
d. free

28. pick the odd man out
a. c = fgetc(stdin)
b. c= getch();
c. —–
d. gets(s);

29. Which is incorrect regarding a recursive function
a. does not return a value at all
b. calls itself
c. equals to a loop
d. has a termination condition

30. Write an expressionfor ” either x lies in the
range of 10 to 5o or y = 0″

31. x = 7; y= 0;
if(x ==6) y =7;
else y = 1;
what is the vcalue of y?

32. Choose the incorrect one
auto variables within a function are
a. global
b. local
c. its type must be declared before using
d. —–
33. The delimitor for statements is
a. semicolon
b. colon

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