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programming in c

Tips for c program

Tips For programing in c

Basically the  c program sucessive rate  depending the following things

1.Algorithm Efficiency
3.predicted output
4. Data Flow
Algorithm efficiency
              is used to describe properties of an algorithm relating to how much of various types of resources it consumes. Algorithmic efficiency can be thought of as analogous to engineering productivity for a repeating or continuous process, where the goal is to reduce resource consumption, including time to completion, to some acceptable, optimal level.
           Use a minium of memory space for programming storage that also increase your sucessive rate
Predicted output
                  The user are customer need the exact output that means he wants the Desired output.If achive the criteria then the sucessive rate increase
Data Flow or Reduce the code
      In your code is to lenghtly it also taken much more time to execute it.so try to avoid unnecessary statements

Example:If you are using a printf() statement in your programming each character is to take print more times compare then 1000 of times of executing a loop

                                   Top Ten tips
1.First given a meaning full name for your programming file name
2.using comments and give the detail about the code /**/
3.Declaring a variable name as meaning full
4.Avoid the looping Statement(Recursive)
5.Dont use the Goto functions
6.Using a printing statement minimum level in your program ex:printf()
7. To write a function for repeated using statements
8.Reduce the unneccessary variable
9.Allocate and use minimum of memory
10.try to reduce the programming length

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