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Gain quick access to 100 interview tips that every job applicant should know, and discover great interviewing ideas like asking the right questions. While most applicants prepare a few questions for their interview, asking the right questions makes a stronger impression. Aside from that, don’t ask questions that are too obvious. Asking questions should be done in a professional manner, and it should appear that you are simply trying to supplement the knowledge you have regarding the business, which you have gained through research.

A second tip: Practice selling yourself. You should know how to sell yourself to your prospective employer. You might not be the most qualified candidate for the job; however, there is always a better way to present yourself to your interviewers, so that they see that you are the best job applicant they have talked to for the week.

Prepare an answer for a question about leaving your previous job. When an interviewer checks your resume and see that you are either about to leave your previous job or already left it months ago, he will ask you a question about it. Provide a positive answer for it, such as career development. Don’t provide any kind of negative comment about your previous company, since that reflects on your professionalism and tendency to share negative comments with your next hiring manager.

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