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How do you monitor JBoss and detect the bottleneck of an application?
Answer :: The first step is to measure the different components of your app to see where the degradation is. Isit an external resource (database, message server, etc.)? Is it internal? Where is the app spending all its time?

So the first step could be to to use JBoss JMX agents and monitor the components deployed to the application server. Once it's clear which component or library takes most of the time or most of resource you can use a more specialized tool like JProbe and examine the single method or the single objects loaded in memory. ....


Whatis JBoss JBPM ?
Answer :: JBoss jBPM is a platform for process languages. At the base there is a java library to define and execute graphs. The actual process constructs like e.g. send email, user task and update database are defined on top of this. Every process language is made up of a set of such process constructs. And that is what ispluggable in this base library. On top of the JBoss jBPM base library, there are implemented several process languages as a set of process constructs: jPDL, BPEL and SEAM pageflow:
jPDL is a process language with a clean interface to Java and very sophisticated task management capabilities. There is no standard for Java process languages, so it is proprietary. BPEL is a service orchestration language. As said before, in BPEL, you can write new services as a functionof other services. This is typically a component of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).SEAM pageflow is a language that allows for the graphically define the navigation between pages in a SEAM web application.

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Which component handles cluster communication in JBoss?
Answer :: The JGroups framework provides services to enable peer-to-peer communications between nodes in a cluster. It is built on top a stack of network communication protocols that provide transport, discovery, reliability and failure detection, and cluster membership management services. .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in

What do you need to set-up a cluster with JBoss?
Answer :: Basically starting JBoss with the “all” configuration contains everything needed for clustering: It has all the libraries for clustering:
JGroups.jar, jboss-cache.jar
Clustered beans (cluster-service.xml)
HTTP session replications (tc5-cluster-service.xml)

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What if you need to span your transaction across multiple Servlet invocations ?

You can't with a Servlet. A JTA transaction must start and finish within a single invocation (of the service() method). You should consider using a Stateful SB. In a SFSB with a JTA transaction, the associationbetween the bean instance and the transaction is retained across multiple client calls. .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in

What's the difference between Hibernate and EJB 3 ? Don't you think EJB 3 is just a clone of Hibernate ?
The perception of EJB3 as being a simple clone of Hibernate is primarily based on developerfamiliarity with Hibernate and a similarity of naming, as well as common purpose, and that Hibernate ismorphing itself into an EJB3 implementation based on the work going into the specification, not the other way around. EJBs are supposed to be components, in the sense that they're not just one class, but a set of classes, descriptors and usage and management contracts. All of this in order to allow a container (JBoss, Weblogic, etc.) to provide services to those components, and to be able to reuse and distribute this components. This services are, among others, transactions, concurrent access control, security, instance pooling, etcetera. Hibernat is "just" an ORM (Object/Relational Mapping) tool. Quick and dirty, this means you can store an object tree belonging to an class hierarchy in a relational DB without writing a single SQL query. Quite cool, IMO. But no transaction control, no instance pooling, no concurrency control, and certainly no security. .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in

I have loaded adempiere in eclipse IDE and while running the adempiere,login window appeared and it asked for lot of details for server and database?I have given all the details but I had problem with adempiere application server test connection.I want to know why this problem occurred?

i have made a small tool to support a very large scale system which runs on jboss. the jboss server is behind apache, so all the requests go through apache. since i am using struts all my urls have a .do and i don't know if a rule exists, but all my requests are being redirected to https. now i wrote my own rule to make it http and it doesn't seem to work. the main thing is i don't know what other rules re there and for what purpose. so i can't make my own rule the last rule to process. 

can anyone help with a simple apache url rewrite rule to make https to http and removing the do in the url. my context is /SearchTool/search.do

You can not do this. https is the prefix for a secure site using site certificates to encrypt theconnection. If this was allowed, it would make people believe they were on a secure site, when they are not.Since this is what any scam site wants it is prohibited. You either run the connection through securely, or not.
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Can anyone please tell me a best and also a cheap web hosting site. I created a J2E web project which is a .ear file. I am currently using JBOSS server for deploying the ear and database is MYSQL. Please tell me complete procedure for making my web application up and online round the clock. Suggest some good data center services available.
you'd better buy a dedicated server with about $89/month. Read dedicated server review here: <a
href="http://www.dedicated-server-review.org" rel="nofollow">http://www.dedicated-server-review.org</a> ....

I'm having trouble with Simple Oracle (11g) database connectivity, I have been working with a J2EE for a couple of days
as we develop large financial application in JBoss 5.0.0.GA. 

I have tried following through few tutorials but have not able to configure correctly. I know that with correct configuration all should be OK, thank you so much for your help in advance.

 It would be better if u can tell wat u had tried.. then we can tel u wats wrong in that..No need to do much I  hope u are aware of JDBC-ODBC Driver and they are supported by sdk1.4 First create a DSN using ODBC in control pannel later for JSP to connect to Database use the following code
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:&lt;... name&gt;","username","password")
%here username pass is the username pass of oracle.. provide DSN name after the second colon. In this way you are connected to your data base and you can futher query your database using statement
object . .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in For two weeks I haven't managed to host my web site on win 2008 stantdard edi using Jboss.

Is anybody hosting a web site on Jboss and windows 2008?
Answer :: Im not .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in
I have loaded adempiere in eclipse IDE and while running the adempiere,login window appeared and it asked for lot of details for server and database?I have given all the details but I had problem with adempiere application server testconnection.I want to know why this problem occurred?

can u give some example of web server as well as application server ? where i can use application server? where i can use web server ? what about weblogic and Jboss server . Is it application Server .

An application server is a software engine that delivers applications to client computers or devices. Moreover, an application server handles most, if not all, of the business logic and data access of the application (A.K.A. centralization). The main benefit of application servers is the ease of application development, since applications need not be programmed; instead, they are assembled from building blocks provided by the application server.
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_server"
A computer that is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients, which are known as Web browsers, and serving them HTTP responses along with optional data contents, which usually are Web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects (images, etc.). what about weblogic and Jboss server . Is it application Server . ( yes they are application servers) and appache is a web server, same as IIS PWS and many more .... Http://capptitudebank.blogspot.in

I want to create a website using Java technology, so I need to manage a server or virtual private server myself, and be able to install software such as JBoss, Apache Webserver, etc.What is the best option for "starting out" that will also allow me to expand in future? I have heard that a virtual private server is good for this but I can't find any good references or how to evaluate suppliers.
 As an experienced webmaster I recommend BlueHost service which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They offer JBoss Apache for free !!

* This service is awarded as the best Web Host 2008.

* If you sign up for this service you will have $100 credits to advertise your created website with google yahoo

search engines for free!


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when the jbpm-server is started in that im getting something like this:

Object name:jboss:service:Naming state=FAILED

Reason:java.rmi.server.ExportException... already in use:1098: nested exception is:

java.net.BindException:Address already in use:JUM_Bind.

what should be done to overcome this....


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