LNT 2012 Autocad Questions

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1. a) What is NC? What are the major advantages of CNC machine tool compared to its conventional counter part?

b) How do you designate the coordinate axes for a CNC lathe? Show them diagrammatically on a rough sketch of a lathe.

2. a) How BCD system differs from Binary system? Explain how the eight track tape coding is specified in ISO and EIA.
   b) Explain important features of a CNC machining centre.

3. a) What is the function of a Transducer in CNC? Explain any one type of a Transducer.

b) Explain the function of MCU and explain its organization to perform its functions.

4. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:

i) Servo system ii) Presenting tools

iii) Tab sequential format iv) MATRIX definition in APT

v) INTOL and OUTTOL commands vi) Post processor

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