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1) Start telling me all the seven layers of OSI model?
I said starting from Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data link, Physical. 

Then he asked me in transport layer, TCP protocol; what is the three way hand-shaking in TCP?
I said it is a process of sending, receiving and passing acknowledgements for the data by two hosts.
And he asked me when this process starts; before sending the data or after sending the data.
Answer was before sending the data only it forms a virtual circuit and then It starts the process.

2) What is 802.1Q?
I said that it was a trunk protocol, and it is used in between a switch and router INT, switch to switch INT,
He asked me what the purpose is. 

I said it facilitates in VLAN sharing, and for establishing VTP protocol

Then he asked me whether DOT1Q will work in the absence of VTP; I said yes.

He asked me about the Frame-size for Dot1Q-(Answer was 4 bytes)

I said don’t know

3) Next question was what DHCP is;

 it is a Dynamic host control protocol and it is configured on the router interfaces to dynamically allocate IP addresses for the hosts.

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prasanna subramani on 15 September 2015 at 03:31 said...

what is revision number ? why we are using in vtp?

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