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Computer Science Project Titles:
1) Online passport registeration
2) Digital parking system
3) Library Management using RFID
4) Hotel Management System
5) CD library management
6) University Admission System

Management Projects
  1. Airline Reservation System
  2. Asset Management System
  3. CD Library Management System
  4. Citizen card Management system
  5. College management system
  6. Credit card Management system
  7. Document Management System
  8. Expo Management System
  9. Hospital Management System
  10. Hotel Management
  11. Human Resource HR management system
  12. Job Portal System
  13. Labour profile management system
  14. Logistic Management System
  15. Online Billing Software
  16. Project Central
  17. Project Monitoring and Control
  18. Sales and Purchase Management System
  19. School Management System 
  20. Student Fee Management System
  21. Supply Chain Management System 
  22. Travel Management System
  23. Vehicle management system 
  24. Warehouse Management System

Monitoring and Tracking Projects

  1. Budget Monitoring System
  2. Cargo Tracking System
  3. Education Manager 
  4. Realtime Network Monitoring Service
  5. Training Tracker
  6. Voting Software

Search Engine Projects

  1. Automatic Search engine optimization
  2. Blogging Enabled Social Network Site
  3. Content Management System for Website
  4. Load balancing for web server systems
  5. P2P Search Engine
  6. Search Engine Optimizer
  7. Search Engine Submission System
  8. W3 XML Sitemap Generator
  9. Web Administration tool for Database

Network Projects

  1. Network Data Toolset
  2. Port Scan Detection for Internet Backbone
  3. SMTP/POP3 Mail Server
  4. Snort portscan
  5. Snort preprocessor
  6. TCP Network Server 
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